Camscanner Pro Apk Latest (Cracked) v6.8.0.61552 Free Download

Aren’t you aware of the entireties about CamScanner? If not, then you might be living under the rock. So follow me, I am here with one of the excellent and highly used apps which you like. This application receives so much support as an essential tool


. This app helps the user to change the format from hard file to soft mode and scan the document and also share .because of its goodness it is on top 50 apps. It is the most creative chinses app which is introduced in 2011.

Now, Camscanner Pro Apk became iconic which is used in more than 200 countries. By increasing the number installer its popularity touching the sky. daily 100,000 resignations increase and at that moment 400 million devices use it. All these facts make it the number one app. It is only available at google play store.

Information about Camscanner Pro Apk

Name of app Camscanner Pro Apk
Available at google play store
Charges Free
installer 400 million
Mode features Premium Feature Unlocked
Release In 2011
Update December 8, 2021
Size  83MB/76MB
Require IOS, Android.

Download Camscanner Pro Apk Latest (Cracked) (zip)


This awesome app is designed for ios, android,iPad phone. The purpose of designing this app facilitates the user and saves time. By using this app people have no need to go to the scanning shop and scanned the documents. They can do the scanning process at home and by the phone.

Image scanner

camscanner apk provides excellent experience of scanning. This app will allow the people to take an image from your phone and convert this image from PDF into a simple form. And also allow sharing image, document, or anything which you like in any format.

 premium subscription


You will get more benefits after the subscription of premium. All the advantage of premium subscription is below.

  • Camscanner Pro Apk will allow the user to change the format of the image into text, image into the word, image into excel.
  • Users can scan anything without payment.
  • camscanner android requires your device ID.
  • Here people will be able to remove Ads, watermarks, and also combine two different files into one document.

Premium charges

Premium subscription charges are divided into two forms one month and another year

Monthly Yearly
4.99 Doller 49.99 Doller


Subscription will be renewed at the end if user want to cancel it then they have the option of cancellation.

What”s new

Camscanner Pro Apk mostly used to store documents in any format. Earlier people used a scanning machine to scan the documents which are expensive and not portable. After the camscanner app life became easy. By using this you can scan anything by using your android. This app is full of many features

which are below 

  •  scan unlimited document freely
  •  This app use software which gives us high-quality resolution result.
  •   After installing this app you can share any document, image, or anything by social media os email.
  •  It will provide the facility of image creation and digitalization to users.
  •  This app can be used offline for pc.
  •  Here users have the right to make a password to maintain their privacy.
  •  Its scanning quality is clear and sharp with premium color and resolution.
  •  Allow the user to print immediately and fax it at a time to 30 or more countries around the world.



1- Who is the owner of the camscanner?

Most important point is that everyone wants to know about the camscanner owner which is developed by chines to scan and share documents and its owner is  NTSIG company based on shanghai.

2- Is Camscanner is safe in 2020?

his app is 100% safe and easy to use. By using this many hard work chang into easy and simple.

3- Is This Dangerous?

This point is come to know the camscanner app is dangerous.No it not dangerous but some problems occur in its previous version but now all is solved.

4- Camscanner is free for android?

Yes, this app free to download you can enjoy all its features by installing it into your android.

5- Is camscanner can be used on pc which window requires?

Yes, it is right you can use this app for pc but it is not available for all pc windows such as XP7.1,7, VASTA, etc. It is only for window 8. Here a important point is that before using this on pc you have to download an emulator 115.0.0100 version is used for the pc window.

6- Is this Free app?

Of course, camscanner apk pro is free to download or install but if you want to use it premium feature then you have to make payment.

Camscanner download


For downloading you never need to be confusing. I briefly explain the downloading process.

1- In step one go downloading page and then click on the download button.

2- The file will start to download .it will take a few seconds.

3- After that file will open and then manage it according to your need.

4- Now you have to click on the install button.

5- This app is installed without any problem.


The user has to install two files. If you do not do this then the user can not enjoy its premium feature. And also users have to remove all previous versions of the camscanner before installing the latest version.

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