Chick Wars MOD APK (MOD Menu) 1.63 Download for Android

If you enjoy fighting games then you will love Chick Wars. This is one of the most popular free flash games that have been created to recreate a battle between chicken and their predators. You must build a chicken coop in order to protect it from the marauding chickens [February-14-2023].

Role playing game

Chick Wars is a turn-based role-playing game where you take on the role of a chicken. You earn money by growing more chickens and breeding them. Chick Wars APK is basically an online version of the classic Chick Wars game where you use your phone or tablet to control various characters during the game play. In this flash game, you get to experience a whole other side of the conflict than what you’ve experienced in the real life.


There are many different characters in Chick Wars APK that help you in the battle against the marauding chickens. There are also many different strategies used while playing this exciting flash game. As you progress through the game, you also unlock more powerful characters and start using advanced tactics. You can unleash special strategies, execute perfect attacks and even use mysterious entities against your opponents.


In order to fully experience the thrill, there are many different levels in this game. The starting level is called the Beginner’s Luck and it provides you with all the basics. It even has some simple but fun weapons like the potato gun, which is very helpful in controlling the marauding chickens.

When you move to the Intermediate level, you will find yourself dealing with tougher enemies. However, you will have better tools at your disposal including the flail which can slice through the different levels beautifully. The final level is known as Expert mode and it is a very challenging stage that involves manoeuvring the numerous Chickens to their proper resting spots.

Gameplay mod

Another interesting aspect of the Android version of Chick Wars is the Chick Wars gameplay mod. The mod is designed especially for users who do not want to mess around with the difficulty settings found in the regular version. This version has been designed for users who find the regular version too easy and they want to have a little more fun while playing. This mod for Android provides a challenging Chick Wars gameplay that will give you a good time.

Adjustable settings

If you want to experience a real battle with your Chickens, you should download the Android version of this thrilling flash game. The battle between the evil King Chick and the mild yet ferocious Snow White will captivate your attention.

You will enjoy a full-screen battle with adjustable settings that let you tweak the graphic quality for the crispest graphics on your Android device. In addition to this, the Chick Wars game lets you select various characters from a wide variety of cultures like the brave Red Riding Hens and the sneaky Wookies.


The Android version of the Chick Wars game gives you the opportunity to pit your wits against the various other Chick heroes such as Dumbo, Olive Oyl, Pipsqueak, and T-Chews. You can also create your own character and personalize him by equipping him with weapons, food and shelter to make him distinct among his peers.

The mod also allows you to play with other players using the Google play app. With the help of the Google play app, you can communicate with your friends who are playing in the same world and pit your wits against their own Chick heroes.+


The best part about this amazing flash game is that it lets you save your progress after playing so you do not have to waste time trying to earn coins to buy the stuff you need for the next level. The Android version of Chick Wars gives you an option to either start opening up some chests or PvP chests to level up faster.

The Chick Wars mod apk enables you to earn income while enjoying the game as you never have to spend time on work. This mod is very easy to install and works fine on both touch screen phones and tablets. In case you are bored with the same old battle grounds then try out the Chick Wars mod which gives you a chance to play as a real Chick and earn cash along the way.

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