Clash of Kings Apk 8.06.0 (Unlimited Everything/Unlimited Money/Gold)

A clash of kings Mod Apk is a great online strategy game and one that you must try when you get the chance. If you like to have fun within the game, form an alliance with one of your bravest and request that alliance to take on a formidable enemy force in an all-out battle.

Additional Information

App Name Clash of Kings mod apk
Publisher ApkBix
Genre Strategy
Size 594M
Latest Version 8.06.0
MOD Features Unlimited Everything/Unlimited Money/ Gold
Developer Elex Wireless
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.1 and up
Get it On Google Play
Update August 17, 2022

You can do this as part of a free for all mission or if you wish you can use a specific power against it’s enemies. In either case clash of kings is one awesome game to play, so have fun.

Generated world map

You begin the clash of kings mod apk with a randomly generated world map where you find yourself in a small village called the capital. There you have to defend your castle from an approaching army of evil and chaotic creatures from the underground, all the while searching for the legendary hero. You will have various weapons at your disposal to help you beat back the enemy, such as bows and arrows, magical staves, and battleaxes, and the ultimate weapon is the matchstick!

Playing the actions

This game has a real-time element because you are playing the actions of two or more real-life people who are struggling to wage war against each other using unique tactics and weapons. One player can be a commander, creating their own kingdom with units and choosing strategies for each side, whereas a second player is simply an attacker who attacks the castles of his opponent and tries to bring them to submission.

Player who controls

The player who controls most of the action is known as the Lord or better known as the King, and his loyal knights known as the retainers fight to prevent the evil king from controlling all of the lands. Each side has several unique characters as well, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and must work together to defeat their opponent and restore peace to their realm.

Different types of units

There are a variety of different types of units that can be used in this exciting clash of kings game. First you will find a great assortment of military units, from speedy troops that can attack quickly to heavily armored, powerful war machines that can withstand much damage. Some of these units have additional abilities that can aid their warriors in battle, or even become stronger as they level up.

Crush the enemy

Other units are designed purely to crush the enemy, causing massive amounts of damage with just one strike. In the case of defending castles, archers can be used to prevent the rushing of enemy troops into the castle gates, and troops have the ability to turn the tide of battle in a way that allows them to break through the gates of the enemy and gain control of the castles they have been pushed out of.

Available to play

In a clash of kings Mod Apk there are four different races available to play as, including the humans who are the most technologically advanced in the game, the mysterious Azeroth race, the Orcs, the Undead, and the Trolls, who have only recently joined the realm. Each race has unique characteristics, weapons, strategies, and special abilities unique to them alone.

Choose to play

Players can select their classes and choose to play as one of several different classes that include the Warrior, the Rogue, the Priest, the Paladin, and the Mage. Each of these classes are distinct from each other, and each of them has special strategies when playing against other players in battle. Also, each class has access to the most powerful spells known to the world of Azeroth, each with different effects that must be carefully planned and implemented during a game of real-time combat.


If you enjoy playing an action packed strategy game then the clash of kings mod for the android is definitely something you should look into. If you enjoy playing games on your android phone and have been looking for a way to expand your gameplay, and challenge yourself with more levels then now is the time to do it. I have played this game on and off since it was first released for the iPhone, and it has always been one of my favorite games to play. This version is simply the best version of clash of kings  Mod Apk on any platform.

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