Dr Driving Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v 1.68

The Dr driving mod apk is an amazing and addictive driving game. It has been created with the intention of giving the player the opportunity to be a part of a team that drives together in an attempt to score the most goals possible. These kinds of games are becoming increasingly popular on the internet. This is driving mod apk downloads are a great way of driving a car without the use of a cheat code or altering the game settings. Enjoy the dr driving online from a driver’s perspective and not a racer or criminal. If you want to download the dr driving mod apk just follow the steps given below.

Comfortable in using


First of all, you need to download the dr driving mod apk onto your personal computer. The installation procedure is quite simple. You will need to follow the prompts that are displayed. Many people who are unfamiliar with the game modes tend to stick with one particular dr driving challenge until they feel comfortable in using all the game modes. Select the game mode you are most comfortable with and then follow the instructions given below.

Challenges available

Drifting is one of the be driving mod apk challenges available. This requires you to use the steering wheel while moving the vehicle in a sort of sideways manner. The drift moves in a way that it mimics the movements of an airplane.

For this dr driving  apk you will need to install a lot of XML files in the “Drifting” folder located on your PC. These files are required because they will tell the game how to simulate the effects of drifts. There are basically two methods available for this dr driving apk download challenge.

Default controls

You can either use the default controls provided by Google for Android to Drudge in dr driving mod apk or you can use the Google Maps application that is an add-on for your phone. To use this dr driving mod apk you need to download the app onto your phone and then install it with the mod folder.

The installation is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable. After the installation, the dr driving 2 mod apk starts working on your android phone.

Amazing sound effects

If you want to be able to enjoy all the amazing sound effects available with the dr driving mod apk, you need to install the sub and sound effects pack. This add-on will enhance the sound effects of many of the in-game challenges in the game.


Installing and inc will make everything in the game vibrate and also have more realistic sound effects. The sud and sound effects pack is available in different languages and you can choose the one which suits your language best.

Exciting features

Apart from all these exciting features, another feature that dr. Driving mod puts into its players’ hands is the unlocking of the codes for unlocking the various achievements of the game. As a matter of fact, to unlock the various achievement levels in the game, you need to first get the dr driving mod installed on your phone.

Then, you can choose the level you wish to unlock and start playing. As you proceed in the game, various unlocking methods will be presented to you. The unlock methods are either based on screen savers or on virtual key generators. In case of the screen savers, these screensavers will show you every screen as you drive and will help you move smoothly through the playing sections.

 Player can change

Another exciting feature of a driving mod apk is the possibility of changing the player’s outfit. In this game, a player can change his/her outfit by selecting different gears from a quick menu. You can also select the color of your vehicle according to the color of your outfit.


Changing your outfit in this game will provide you with various changes including changing your wheels color, helmet, gloves, face paint, tie and shoes. These changes will be seen on your in-game screen and they will help you in playing your favorite racing game in a better way.


One more feature of Dr. Driving mod Apk is the possibility of unlocking all the vehicles in the game and driving them without unlocking their prices. You can enjoy the thrill of seeing how your favorite cars chase each other in all directions in the game and have a good time doing so. To conclude, the Dr. Driving mod has made it easier for people who have a lot of patience and want to spend their time in playing racing games rather than spending too much time in real life races.

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