Express VPN Mod Apk 10.20.1 (Secure, MOD, Premium Features Unlocked)

XSitePro VPN, or more precisely: Express VPN is an innovative virtual private networking service designed to shield your privacy and online security. Surf anonymously and enjoy limitless data transfer with unlimited websites. Enjoy an IP-free browsing and protect your PC from hackers and other intruders with Express VPN. Use one of the free VPNs, which offers numerous services for the internet connection as well as providing unrestricted access to any web blocked site.

Change the location

You might want to change the location often especially while on the go. With an internet connection that is always changing, you might need to stay connected wherever you happen to be. But sometimes, going out of the house can cause you to lose connection.

Thanks to Wi-Fi hot spots, you can always remain connected wherever you are. All you need to do is check on the status and your wireless router to ensure that you’re still connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Servers and enjoy

Surf anonymously using Express VPN servers and enjoy super-fast internet surfing. Surf anonymously and browse the Web from virtually any location with speeds of up to 3MB/s. This technology allows you to visit web pages in any part of the world at super-fast Internet connections even in the most rural areas. To protect your privacy, this service uses a secure web tunneling technology that makes your IP address invisible to others.

Benefits to users

XSitePro is a free VPN app that offers various benefits to users. It works well with the Google Chrome browser as it supports the PDF file format. For those who are not comfortable with the installation process, there is also an option to use the desktop version of the app. It’s highly customizable and allows you to configure various settings such as port number, username, and language.

Internet access

The apps for smart phones that support internet access through smartphones are increasing by the day. To make browsing the internet more enjoyable, users should download one of the apps for smart phones that support internet via wifi. These apps will allow you to stream videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, and many other wifi-enabled apps.

Widely used

XSitePro is not limited to the internet via wifi but works just fine without it. This is why the app is widely used among the android phone users because it has the ability to hide the username and password of the server and bypass all restrictions. You can also manage your bandwidth and speed while online using the app.

Ability to access

Not only does the app support internet via wifi but it also offers you the ability to access the internet using another device such as the apple iPad or laptops/tablets using Air Gesture feature. With the help of Air Gesture you can easily control your android smart phones from a larger distance.

This makes the internet accessibility a lot easier especially if you are on the go. You can use the app to view YouTube videos, store images in your gallery, and update your status as well.

Best speeds

The XSitePro VPN software enables you to surf the internet anonymously with the best speeds. With this amazing app you don’t have to worry about revealing your identity to malicious adware and hackers because it works completely on the encrypted connection.

This makes the use of the app extremely secure and prevents the threats that could harm your mobile device. Moreover, you can install this mod apk file onto your device within a minute and see how amazing this mobile VPN solution really is.

Planning to download

When it comes to downloading any app for your smartphone or tablet, you always have the option to either download it or not. If you are planning to download certain types of free games or other media content through wifi then you can always opt to download it through Wi-Fi. However, if you are looking for certain mod apps and want to browse the internet freely or share your Wi-Fi connection then you should always use the regular downloadable internet options that allow you to easily download anything you want.

Manage your network

The application allows you to manage your network as well as your connection. You can opt to set up a custom SSID and manage your wireless networks easily. Furthermore, you can connect to different Wi-Fi hotspots and easily connect to websites that are available through the internet using one of the most reliable open source VPN servers like XSitePro VPN.

The application enables you to manage your unlimited bandwidth and has an easy to use interface which has an advanced browsing engine.


You can connect to the internet anywhere in the world and experience a fully secure connection. You can use any app that you like even when the signal is not strong enough to support your needs and still access the web confidently. This is because XSitePro gives you a super-fast internet connection which is made possible through the optimized algorithm and the pre-existing XSitePro codes. By downloading this application, you can also manage your unlimited bandwidth efficiently and securely.

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