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Infinite flight simulator MOD APK is one of the most complete mobile games for flying an airplane that has ever existed. Having been developed by a specialized team of professionals, it offers you the option of flying on any type of aircraft, from large-sized commercial planes to small private planes; from military fighter jets to spaceships; from helicopters to blimps and balloons.

Skies of over

The game gives you the chance to be present in the skies of over 40 different places around the world, including those which are exceptionally beautiful and unique, like Alaska, Japan, or Greenland. You will be able to fly above a large number of airports, such as London Heathrow Airport or Los Angeles International Airport.

Landing skills

What’s more, the infinite flight simulator MOD APK also allows you to have fun while performing challenging aerobatic maneuvers or while practicing your landing skills. In addition, it features real-time weather conditions and day/night cycles which will make your experience even more intense and immersive.

The game is very easy to control and is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. If you want to download the infinite flight simulator MOD APK, click on the button below!

Flying experience

Infinite flight simulator MOD APK is the only air flight simulation game that provides a realistic flying experience. It has been developed on the basis of our 20 years of experience in developing sophisticated flight simulation software and, in conjunction with our partners, it reproduces the feeling and atmosphere of real flights better than any other flight simulator available to the public.

Sound environment

Total immersion in the cockpit: what you see and hear looks and sounds like the real thing. The sound environment and the high-quality graphics are so convincing that they transport you into a new reality where your only limitation is your imagination.

Infinite Flight

The interpretation of the laws of physics in Infinite Flight is so accurate that each aircraft behaves as it would in real life. Take advantage of our performance database to select your aircraft based on its speed, range, or endurance. A sophisticated autopilot allows you to focus on enjoying your flight without having to worry about losing track of where you are.

Own liveries

In addition to its realistic flight simulation, Infinite Flight offers you a comprehensive system for creating and sharing content: from designing your own liveries to providing useful information on airports, weather conditions, or routes flown by other Infinite Flight pilots around the world, Infinite Flight will get even better over time thanks to the involvement of its community.

Important capabilities

Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK is the most popular flight simulator game. This game is based on a serious flight simulator. It has some important capabilities that you will love while playing this game. The most important one is that it allows you to save anytime, anywhere, and return to the same point whenever you want.

The next great thing about this Infinite Flight Simulator’s latest APK is that it allows you to fly in real-time with your friends through multiplayer. You can compete with your friend for the highest score in this game. It also allows you to fly in different locations of the world like Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America, Australia, and the Middle East, etc.

You need not worry about the weather conditions because no matter what the conditions are outside there are good weather conditions in this game. If you are in a bad mood or not feeling well then play this Infinite Flight Simulator APK and I am sure you will forget all your worries and escape from the reality for some time.

Riding bikes

This Infinite Flight Simulator download APK can be played by anyone be it a child or an adult or someone who loves adventures but due to some reasons cannot get involved in any adventure activity like flying planes or riding bikes. With this fun-filled game infinite flight simulator APK version.

Download Infinite

Infinite Flight Simulator Apk MOD is the best flight simulator game available on android. You can now download Infinite Flight Simulator Apk Full Version for your android device. This game allows you to have a full experience of flying various planes across the world. The gameplay is very similar to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You will be able to fly over real-world cities and land at real airports.

Full Version Infinite Flight Simulator Apk Description

Infinite Flight Simulator Apk is one of the best flight simulation games that are available for Android devices. The game is designed in such a way that it resembles with Microsoft Flight Simulator X PC version. The main objective of this game is to provide users with an experience of flying various aircraft in a real-world environment. It allows users to fly over real-world cities and land on real runways. Users can also try out several other features offered by this wonderful app like realistic weather conditions, the ability to control real-time traffic, a variety of aircraft, etc…

Installation Guide

  • Download Infinite Flight Simulator Apk from the given link below.
  • Open destination folder and locate APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Proceed with the installation steps, you may

What’s New in This Release

  1. The Airbus A320-X has been added.
  2. A new true HD quality ground image with 4x resolution has been added to Infinite Flight Simulator.
  3. The aircraft carrier Ford has been added as a scenery item, it can be placed in the scenery folder (see documentation).
  4. The following airports have been added: Birmingham, AL, USA; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Santa Rosa, CA, USA; Springfield-Branson, MO, USA; San Diego Intl/Lindbergh Field, CA USA; Oakland County Intl/Metropolitan Oakland Intl CA USA; Washington County Intl/Bob Hope Airport AZ USA; and Dallas Fort Worth Intl/Dallas Fort Worth Intl TX USA.
  5. Now you can browse our forum from within the app and open downloaded routes from there (iOS only for now).
  6. Bug fixes for several iOS devices including iPhone 6S and iPad Pro 9.7 inch
  7. Now you can filter out routes with certain aircraft types from the route search results and track search results8. Bug fixes that caused crashes on certain devices9. Bug fixes for Android device compatibility10. In addition to our own navigation database, we have added support for loading routes created with

The best thing in the game is the graphics, it’s insane how realistic they are and how you can actually see the little bumps on the ground when landing. I’m not kidding when I say that this is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played on my phone. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it and honestly if you’re looking for a fun flight simulator game then look no further!

Compare to the quality

I had downloaded many other similar games in the past but none of them compare to the quality of this one. There are many different islands that you can visit and enjoy flying around them, there are tons of different planes to choose from, there’s a lot of different missions that you can do, you can actually talk with people using your headset, there’s a ranking system which makes you want to play more and more and more so you can get higher ranks. There are also many different types of weather conditions that you can face while flying and if you don’t like any of them you can always change them to whatever you like best.


It is worth mentioning that the game does have some in-app purchases (like every other game out there) but they are not as abundant as in most similar games so it’s not too annoying or inconvenient to


In the past, we have already shared several different flight simulator apps for Android devices. It seems that everyone wants to be a pilot these days, and games like FlightGear are helping them achieve that goal without ever having to leave their home. However, not all flight simulators are created equal and some of them can actually be pretty expensive.

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