Infinity Blade Saga Apk (MOD, Gameplay) v1.1.207 Free Download

The Infinity Blade Saga is currently the most popular online RPG game. Previously, Infinity Blade Saga wasn’t very successful with the original epic games. However, this version is purely a remake of Tencent’s previous game, but will surely bring brand new points to the table. The game’s new gameplay and upgrade equipment, along with the advanced corps management system, make this game more diversified than its previous version. The graphics are received well, though occasionally they get a little bit boring.

Tale of two young men

The story of infinity blade saga follows the tale of two young men, Ryu and Kyle. They find themselves in the center of a battle against a mysterious warrior who has appeared from nowhere, wielding an ancient blade.


It is then revealed that the warrior is called Absa, and that his intentions are sinister. He has taken up the sword ‘Iga’ for himself, intending to use it to destroy the world. The three heroes arrive in front of the scene just in time and are given a choice to join forces or to fight against Absa. The choice ultimately lies on their own; however, they quickly decide to stick together.

One interesting thing

One interesting thing about the Infinity Blade Saga is that it gives you the freedom to do different things while playing the game. Previously, the combat would have been quite limited, requiring your heroes to basically Dodge every attack and counter with a counter of its own.


In this version, you are allowed to Dodge and counter any attack with different moves and weapons. Each weapon has different strengths and weaknesses, which lead to a lot more strategy when playing the game.

The 3D graphics


The 3D graphics and special effects are another reason why the Infinity Blade Saga is a popular game. They look very real, and the special effects are quite amazing when played in high definition. Some of the attacks that are used can cause the opponents to fly in different directions, and Dodge attacks from all sides. You can also Dodge bullets, although it will not be easy. This causes the match to get quite hectic as each opponent comes at you with bullets that can easily hit you and cause you to lose health.

The story line

The story line in the Infinity Blade Saga is one that is different from other games. In the beginning you get to learn that the reason why your father has lost his power over the Swords of Omens is because he has become so accustomed to relying on his ‘abilities’.


When you first meet up with him, you learn that he was tricked into using his abilities, and that now he needs your help to use them properly. The 3D graphics and the special effects really help the game to make itself come to life.


Overall, the Infinity Blade Saga is not only fun to play, but it is also educational. It gives you an inside look at how people handle certain situations and how to deal with being in a fight. The game also explains to you what you are actually supposed to do while you are using your weapons, which also makes it much easier to understand. Because of the unique storyline and the interesting characters that you meet throughout the game, the Infinity Blade Saga is one of the best games to play for anyone looking to get into 3D animation games.

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