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Johnny Trigger v1.12.23 APK + MOD

Johnny Trigger is a platform shooter where players will control Johnny, who constantly moves and takes down the enemies in front of him. You’ll get to see the characters’ performances are stunning, and you’ll be the one to contribute to making sure they’re executed correctly. At the same time, you will face many different enemies in the game, and they will bring a lot of money to equip new weapons in battle.

JOHNNY’S Excursion Obliterates THE Hidden world

In Johnny Trigger, players will handily find a person named Johnny who wears a vest and consistently conveys a weapon with him. Simultaneously, he wants to battle the miscreants from the hidden world and save the prisoners from them. You will control this person in a stage world and bring down your foes with various shots. Without a doubt you will track down unambiguous difficulties and fun while encountering this game.

The person you control will continually move and see his foes. He will perform dance moves, and a red laser will show up. Simultaneously, it tends to be viewed as the shooting line where the slug you are shot from the firearm will move. Likewise, you can likewise play out the most common way of discharging numerous projectiles at the foe in succession assuming you miss the principal shots. Obviously, how much ammunition will likewise shift contingent upon the firearm you own.


Rout Adversaries TO Bring in Bunches OF Cash

You will go through many levels in Johnny Trigger and face numerous adversaries prepared to bring you down with their shots. Assuming that you have specific foes in front of you, and you can’t hit every one of them, they will bring you down soon after. Subsequently, it requires a ton of care in shooting and utilizing the perfect proportion of ammo. The second you intend to shoot, the foe will slowly turn out to be quicker and make the laser move all the more rapidly. From that point, you’ll have to adjust to Johnny’s development speed.

At times, you will experience a few extra components that can assist you with going after different foes immediately, like a tank of gas. That’s what its component is assuming you hit it, everybody around it very well may be blown away all the while. So you will actually want to take out your foes all the more rapidly, however on the off chance that a prisoner is remaining close to the fuel tank, you ought to take out every foe to save this prisoner. The salvage is critical in the game.As you progress through the levels and rout various foes, a definitive objective is to bring in however much cash as could reasonably be expected. There will be various levels with various prizes, particularly those where you will confront mafia supervisors. Simultaneously, on certain levels, you will actually want to go over certain shops selling weapons where you can purchase the things you like. The quantity of weapons in the game is additionally entirely assorted in classifications for you to utilize.


Subsequent to finishing the level in Johnny Trigger, you will see a bar that will slowly top off, and assuming it is full, an unexpected outfit will show up, and you can consider opening it for the person or not. Simultaneously, finding different outfits with amazing designs is likewise conceivable. You can likewise open a base for Johnny, and when the open is finished, you additionally need to remodel it by adding some furnishings.


  • Thousands of levels of murderous mayhem to fight through, each demanding a unique tactical solution and speedy trigger fingers! Johnny never stops moving, so when the bad guys line up in your sights, you’ve got just once chance to get shooting.
  • Be careful not to hit hostages, though. After all you’re the hero of this game, not some crazed killer! Should you accidentally end the life of an innocent civilian, it’s back to square one.
  • Hit those hard-to-reach scumbags with the power of physics! Trick shots, ricochets, explosions and gravity are all part of Johnny’s crime-fighting arsenal…
  • along with guns galore! Cause serious havoc with 57 unique weapons to collect – 11 pistols, 12 SMGs, 9 automatic rifles, 10 superguns and 4 Ultimate guns with fearsome capabilities guaranteed to give the bad guys a nasty shock. For the completist, there’s also 5 base guns, 3 bundle guns and 3 VIP guns. Basically, a shedload of guns to collect, cherish and slaughter gangsters with.
  • On the subject of sheds, collect keys to unlock Johnny’s 10 awesome base rooms and get hammering to turn them into luxurious hideaways. Turns out our action hero’s quite the handyman in his free time.
  • Sweet graphics and a banging soundtrack – Johnny’s world would be a great place to chill if it weren’t for all those pesky gangsters lurking round every corner. Just think how nice it’ll be once you’ve massacred every last one of them!
  •  More than 20 different stylish skins to help Johnny go undercover in the murky underworld of organized crime, and then blast the living hell out of it!
  •  Boss battles demand all of Johnny’s wits and sharp shooting as you take down the lords of the underworld in a leaping, spinning storm of bullets.
  •  Looking for action? Here’s Johnny!
  • Dive straight in and get shooting! Johnny Trigger’s short but immensely satisfying levels make it the perfect action game to fill a short break between meetings, lectures or lessons. And if you’ve got a little more time, there’s so much to collect and a new challenge round every corner.
  • So what are you waiting for? Those bad guys aren’t going to beat themselves, you know.

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