MazM: Pechka MOD Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

MazM: Pechka is one of the most fascinating and comprehensive games to date. It provides a rich and detailed background of World War II. You can choose to play as the Allied or the Central powers, and command your forces in any battle field you choose. MazM: Pechka has no end and will keep you coming back for more!

Historic battlefields

MazM: Pechka is an excellent simulation game that recreates historic battlefields and zones like the muzzle flash of the muzzle-loading cannon, the smell of the gunpowder, and of course the dead bodies lying in the gore. The story is based on real historical events and places, and you can visit them by spending time in various historical towns and villages [February-14-2023].

During the course of the game you’ll get to learn about the real achievements of the protagonist and his crew, and how these shaped the future of both their countries. MazM: Pechka has the ability to recreate some famous battles and events, and includes historical footnotes explaining the real historical facts behind them.

Managed to escape

The main storyline is centered on the role of an American soldier, Pvt. Robert S. Johnson, was stationed in Russia and had the luck to be captured by the German army. He managed to escape and was later discovered by the Americans, who were searching for a group of German Jews who were said to be in hiding.

As a part of his task to find them, Robert Johnson had to stumble upon the identity of a German SS officer, Reinhold Voll, who was supposed to be a close aide of the highest-ranking German General, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.


Since the plot centers on the story of Robert Johnson, it’s assumed that you’re familiar with world war two. This doesn’t mean though that you should ignore all details about it. For example, there are several clues in MazM: Pechka that point to the fact that Robert Johnson was in command of a section of the 3rd German Mountain Troops.

In addition to this, other elements of the story to point out connections to World War Two. For example, we learn that the main character of the game is named “Pechka” – a name that closely resembles the word ‘pecks’ in German. Finally, the name of the game’s level is also named after world war two Operation Goldpetten, which is one of the most intense operations conducted by the German Army.

Detail the history

The premise of MazM: Pechka is that it will detail the history of an android that was built in Germany by a man named Max Schafer. The android was built as a part of a test program for the German military. Max Schafer was supposed to be a vital element in the German war effort (his project was to create the “Super Man”), however, the android was never completed and instead was lost.

For years, Pechka has been trying to get the information he needs about the android and more specifically, about his origins. He has used a variety of methods in order to achieve this, including reading ancient texts (such as the Book of Kells from ancient Egypt), as well as going so far as to hire someone to help him locate and recover the android.

About the relationship

Throughout the course of the game, players will learn more about the background of Max Schafer, as well as about the relationship between the android and Max himself. This mod also features the story of a young woman who assists Max in finding the android, which ends up being programmed by another person. It is through the help of this young woman, that the player will learn more about Max, as he learns more about the nature of his role in this futuristic game.

In this mod, players are also introduced to other robots, alongside two new classes: Recon and Enforcer. The two new classes are both extremely helpful as they can help the player to protect themselves and their friends and take down some of the tougher robots found in the game.

Encouraged to work

The MazM: Pechka story game is quite different from the others on the Google Play Store. Instead of going it alone, players are encouraged to work alongside the various characters in order to uncover the mystery behind the android.

This type of adventure game requires players to work together in order to solve puzzles and complete missions while also working towards completing goals within the time frame of the game. In addition to having several different characters to control, players are also provided with over twenty levels of adventure to explore.


This is just a small bit of info on MazM: Pechka, as this is a comprehensive review. To gain access to all of our MazM: Pechka review information and get yourself a free MazM: Pechka android download, simply click on one of the links below. We’ll show you the best place to get the MazM: Pechka android download, the low-cost options and everything else you could ever want to know about this wonderful puzzle-adventure game. Have fun playing the exciting yet suspenseful story of MazM: Pechka. Be an agent of justice, stand up for the underdog and save America from evil villains, beginning with yourself!

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