Simple Notes Pro Apk 6.13.0 (MOD, Full Paid Version Download)

Simple Notes Pro is a simple notes pro package for MS Outlook that helps you save and organize important information. This simple notes to apk is fast, simple to utilize and it does serve as a valuable tool and aide to remind you of necessary information! Simple notes pro allows you to store your important tasks,to-do list, things or ideas with unparalleled ease and time-saving value.

With simple notes pro you can create an easily accessible to-do list that you can access from any PC or smartphone. This simple notes pro apk allows you access to the powerful scheduling features and helps you organize your day with relative ease and flexibility.

Attractive and effective

In simple notes pro you can create an attractive and effective to-do list. You can make this list with the simple graphics or simple text colors so that you can customize it as per your preference. The app enables you to take note of anything that you feel the need to remember, whether it be while traveling on business or just at home. The program has an inbuilt scheduler which enables you to schedule all your tasks from a single centralized location.

Personal planner

With simple notes pro you can use the program as a personal planner. You can use the organizer to create a customized and convenient to-do list for yourself. You can even track your goals and organize them as per your wish. You can also use the planner to plan your daily chores and tasks.

The software also facilitates you to upload your favorite pictures, notes and contacts. The photos upload facility of the note-taking app enables you to share pictures with family and friends.

Journey details

If you are always on the move you can use simple notes pro to capture your journey details in an easy way. The app enables you to upload your pictures along with your notes in flight tickets. You can store information related to hotels, attractions and restaurants. New ideas and innovative take-notes are sure to come to you through your new notes app.

Efficient way

If you are looking for a simple yet efficient way of staying updated with your daily schedules you should download pro version of simple notes pro to get the job done. The app includes various useful advanced features that further increase its versatility.

Some of these advanced features include: – Day/time tracking of flight timings, train times and car rentals –

  • Google search integration
  • Wikipedia page highlighting
  • Weather widgets
  • Exchange and online office support
  • International currency exchange support
  • Business hours display
  • View company info and jobs at a glance
  • View sales, expenses and employee details at a glance
  • View company pics, team pictures and player photos
  • Invite guests and send fax to them via email – Share links, videos and documents via email
  • Share documents via email, chat and social media sites

Really messy

Your calendar can be really messy if you are not using a proper one. The app helps you get rid of all the unnecessary data in your note books by providing a simple notes widget. You can choose from a variety of colors to customize your widget.

This widget is very simple and easy to operate as it comes with all the important notes, contacts, flights and schedule. You can also select your own color and theme for the widget.

Additional function

If you need any additional function you can take notes in simple notes pro easily using the backup option available in the app. You can store the entire day’s activities in a single database for easy organizing. You can also sort and organize your activities according to date, time or even category.

You can store flight timings in the same database so that you can remind yourself of your flight plans during the day. You will surely find this app indispensable to remember anything and everything about your schedule.


The most powerful tool used in this planner app is the ‘completion’ tool. This amazing app offers you a simple notes pro drawing feature which allows you to draw a simple notes of any kind. You can also save the drawing as an EPS or PDF file. You can also download the entire help file which includes tips, hints, etc for creating a simple notes pro template.

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