Spotify: Music and Podcasts Apk (MOD, Unlocked) 1.52.0 Download for Android

Spotify-Music-I is an online music social networking website and spotify application developed by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon for the purpose of enabling music fans to interact socially on the Internet. It was launched in May 2021 and so far has gained tremendous popularity on the web. It was launched at the time when there were no similar social networking sites available on the web and also required a few tweaks and improvements to be made to existing services. With the help of spotify-music-i, it is now possible for any music lover to create and upload their own music playlists using their personal computers and spotify accounts.

Entire database

Spotify-Music-I does all the hard work for you by storing the entire database of audio files on the spotify servers. The best thing about this is that it allows users to search for songs based on metadata such as artist name, album name, track title, and many other details. The more details you have for a song, the easier it will be for users to search for it. The more songs are stored, the more songs can be searched.

Unlimited playlists

Users are allowed to create unlimited playlists by adding relevant categories like partying, music, radio, etc. There are a lot of tools and features that spotify-music-i comes with. Most notably, it allows users to rate and comment on songs. This makes the browsing of tracks much faster.

Section located

There are several ways to get new songs. First, go to the “Your Music” section located on the main menu. Clicking on “New Song” will allow users to browse their own music library. The “Add URL” option can be used to post new songs by typing the relevant URLs into the box. The” listened date” and “playing time” options are also available in this section.

Entire play list

The “My Tracks” tab located on the right side of the page allows users to browse their entire play list. Here, they can search for songs based on keywords like “beatles rock”, “world fusion,” and others. In addition, songs can be added to favorites by clicking on the “Favorite” button. You can also see which artists you follow by checking out the “Followers” tab. You can see the people who are following you the most in the website. Clicking on the “follower” link will take you to their social media profiles.

Artists you follow

You will find that you are not limited to a handful of songs by the artists you follow. Spotify gives you the option to listen to an unlimited number of music options. This means that you can hear a wide variety of genres while being restricted to one genre. You can make your favorite tracks the default play next time you log in to the site. Users can easily vote for the songs they want to play and the ones they want to skip.

Helpful feature

Lastly, a helpful feature is the “Send and Receive.” With this function, users can easily transfer files from their mobile phone to their laptop or PC. There are two ways to do it: the sending by text message and the sending by email. Other services like converting MP3s to files can also be done.

Interesting features

Spotify has many other interesting features that you will find useful. The free version only offers a few songs. If you want to expand your music library, the paid version is worth its price. With all these benefits, there is no reason why you should not get the service.

Minor issues

The website does have a few minor issues that may trouble some users. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for the website to load. It seems to crash more frequently as well. Other than those two minor nuisances, the website is very stable. You won’t have any problems when using it at home or on the go. All in all, the performance of the site is very good.

Mentioned earlier

As mentioned earlier, users can save songs as they wish. However, if they choose to do that, they will lose any previous progress they made. It is impossible to add songs to an already saved song. In addition, the interface is a bit too complicated for the simple to use that it offers.


On the other hand, users might have different expectations from the spotify-music-i app. Most probably, the app is intended for professional music lovers. It works very well for them, as it allows them to easily find great music and share it with friends. It also enables users to make mixes on the spot.

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