The Ants Underground Kingdom Apk 1.29.0 Download Free For Android

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is one of the most entertaining games on Facebook. The ants are starting to gather from all over the land and have decided to make their own anthills. The anthills are similar to that of the castles of the empire, giving the young offspring of the colony a secure place to grow up. The design of the underground anthill is also strategically very important, so make sure you plan your hive properly, dig strategic tunnels and therefore form the perfect ant kingdom!

Similar to the original

This mod is similar to the original Facebook game where the player has to defend the colony against the attack of the marauding ants. The challenge comes in when there is a slight variation in the type of ants. They can now be winged or walking about the ground, but they can still reach the ceiling of the underground kingdom apk.

The caves are also harder to defend as they are designed differently and they have large gaps that the winged ants can easily penetrate. If you want to fight these battles in style, then The Ants: Underground Kingdom is exactly what you need!

Applications platform

This is a standalone application that requires the installation of Facebook’s applications platform. It does not require you to purchase Facebook credits to play. The Ants: Underground Kingdom does not utilize the Facebook master account system and accounts cannot be frozen.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom has many levels, each requiring a different number of workers to complete. The easiest level is ‘Worker’, where as the hardest level is ‘Tunnel’.

Types of areas

The Ants: Underground Kingdom contains three areas in which the game is divided – the underground, the town and the anthill. The underground part contains three types of areas – the cave system, the mill and the tunnel system.

The cave system and the mill areas can be entered by walking through the tunnels. The anthills, where the game is set to start, is the largest area with the highest number of players.

Types of creatures

The game involves four types of creatures – worker ants, king ants, queen ants and soldier ants. The player has to guide the ants with the help of a mouse and when they build the nest in the correct manner, the mouse will lead them to the new home.

The other type of creatures are just following the ants. They wander around and can be killed by any player. The player can also kill the queen with the help of a specialist.

The snow falls

The game is set in winter and during this time, the snow falls hard upon the ground and freeze upon impact. The ant hill can be found above the ants’ nests. The nests are protected by a layer of sandstone. The ants take shelter in the hollow logs and this is where they produce food, eggs and the young ants or soldier ants.

The food is sufficient for the ants and they have plenty of room to move around. The queen lays eggs in the anthills and these produce food for the other ants.

Possible to get

The game is on an irregular scale so it’s possible to get a few months of play out of one session. The developers have kept it this way so that players do not get bored and also because they want to add new challenges every now and then.

New levels are added as the game progresses. The developers have added new features as well including a rare resource – the queen ant. The queen has special ants that can be bought from the trader after earning certain levels.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a unique concept and one that I’m sure no one will ever duplicate. It’s fun and offers great value for money. The ants are engaging and do a fantastic job of reproducing. The challenge comes from the fact that you have to keep managing your colony, harvesting the resources and making sure the queen is safe until she is ready to lay eggs again.

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