Tiny Island Survival Apk 1.0.18 (MOD, Free Shopping/Download)

Tiny Island Survival is an interactive game in which players have to explore a mysterious island filled with deadly creatures. With the various stories and interesting characters that will slowly populate this mysterious island, the game is more vibrant and successful than ever [February-14-2023].

During the whole island, strange, yet wonderful things will periodically appear all over every player. These objects will sometimes be useful for your character and sometimes not. When you are on one of these islands, you need to use your lantern to see everywhere. If you do not have lanterns, your other option would be using torches.

Simple control

The whole Tiny Island Survival revolves around a simple control system. You move your character by clicking on the left mouse button or the right mouse button depending on which position you want him to be in. The further you are from the objects in front of you, the higher your movement speed and health will be. Using the mouse wheel will scroll up and down the levels and it will also zoom in and out.

Zombie-killing game

Tiny Island Survival has a unique take on the zombie-killing game. Instead of the usual object-clearing strategy, you will need to protect yourself from being attacked by a swarm of zombies who seem to be immune to any weapon except the sun’s ray.

There are four maps in total, namely, Tiny Island starting area, Tiny Island Hills, Tiny Island Labs, and Tiny Island ending. Each map is quite varied, offering unique challenges to your level of play.

Easily play

This Tiny Island Survival has an excellent control system that allows you to easily play through the entire game and complete the quests whenever you feel like doing so. The control system is very easy to learn and implement. It enables you to aim weapons, attack other zombies, and perform other activities without taking much time at all.

When you first start playing the game, you are shown a video tutorial to help you get used to the controls. However, if you find that the video tutorials too basic for you, there are several in-game manuals available that provide complete instructions and tips.


The Tiny Island Survival has an extremely thrilling storyline, which deals with a nuclear war between the U.S. and Soviet Union. In order to save the earth, you have to build a raft that will take you and several other survivors to an island where they can survive the nuclear war and return back to the mainland.

The background music is extremely catchy and adds to the exciting atmosphere of the game. The Forest mod has also added some incredibly captivating features to this version of the Tiny Island Survival, namely, a massive amount of trees that can be felled, along with a number of animals such as pigs, rabbits, deer, and squirrels, which provide food and shelter for the characters.

Quite exciting

However, while the mod may look quite exciting on its own, the real strength lies in the additions and content that can be downloaded from the official site, once you’ve purchased and installed Tiny Island Survival Mod. To begin with, the mod offers you the ability to create your very own farm.

The farm allows you to gather resources such as wood, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fish, as well as collecting precious metals, gemstones, and silver coins. Once collected, these resources can then be sold to any merchants in order to make extra money. Additionally, once you’ve crafted enough farms, you can eventually build massive hotels which provide shelter and security to your character, as well as awarding them gold coins upon completion.

Play as a monster

The Forest Mod also gives you the ability to play as a monster, meaning that you will have to face off against a horde of enemies, including troll, cave hyena, cave dweller, cave dragon, and much more. You are required to eat food provided by villages which can be collected by killing monsters, or by destroying enemy structures using explosives.

Additionally, if you become weak you are able to quickly regain lost health by recovering health packs scattered throughout the maps. As you progress through the mod you are allowed to craft improved weapons and armor that can help you fight even more difficult opponents. In the final part of the game, you are required to complete the temple, defeat the final boss, and move on to a new island where you will find a mysterious chest containing items that can help you in your adventure.


Despite being one of the most popular mods for the iPhone, this one has not received much attention from Apple as of yet. Tiny Island Survival does however, provide a fun and exciting experience for any iPhone user who wants to try their hand at survival on the island of survive.

The best news is that the Survival Guide provided with the mod has been developed by an independent iPhone gamer, allowing all users of the iPhone to enjoy the mod without having to pay for the premium version of the iPhone application. It is therefore available to everyone who has downloaded the free iPhone application and enjoys playing Tiny Island Survival whenever they want.

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