Torque Drift MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money) for Android

Torque Drift: Battle at the Dam is an action packed, high stakes, multi player road rally/drift game for mobile. Players take on the role of a professional drifting racer and put their all into beating out the competition. Will you make it to the final round? How far will you go? How long will you last?

Game Features

Torque Drift Apk  is the official application from the Torque Drift Game Design Team. The game is available for free download from the Android Market. If you have always wanted to try playing some online drift games and don’t know where to look, just look no further. This fun working application has everything you have ever dreamed of.

Torque Drift Apk multi-player game

In this exciting, high stakes, multi-player game, players take on the roll of a professional drifting racer. You can be a drifting master by unlocking the many different drifts, wheels, and colors available in the game. Start as a dirt poor grass root drifter, upgrade your car, make sponsors, and take on the highest level race battles in online multiplayer. Earn unlimited money, unlock the top 10 drifting tricks in the game, then challenge your friends or competitors for the ultimate high stakes torque drift apk mod.

vehicles to choose

If you are in need of a vehicle to take you to the world stage of online multiplayer tandem battles, check out the following list of vehicles to choose from. The trucks are perfect for getting you from one point to the next. The sporty Sedan T-REX makes a great race car for the novice drifter. The RTR Wrangler is also a great choice, as it is lightweight and easily modifiable. The Ford Focus makes another great choice for those looking for a good all around drifter or for those who just want something better than the basic, factory Mustangs.


Download Torque Drift Apk Android

Each of these vehicles has several drifting techniques available. You can use the wheel or the drift technique, either way you will have fun in the process. Plus, earning sponsors will allow you to purchase the top-notch performance parts for your drifting vehicle, which means you can truly take your drifting skills to the next level. Each vehicle in the Torque Drift Pro Game has several upgrades available, which allows you to become the best drifter on the track.

Conclusion of Torque Drift Apk

If you are ready to experience the ultimate drifting gameplay with the ultimate graphics, audio, menus, and more, then check out the official Torque Drift Pro website. download the Pro version and start to experience the ultimate driving experiences. There is no other driving game offering such realistic driving experiences and exciting physics engine. You can feel the rumble in the tires and hear the thrash as you slide through the corners.

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