True Fear: Forsaken Souls MOD APK v1.3.16 + OBB (Full Game Unlocked)

“True Fear: Forsaken Souls” is the first novel I’ve read by Peter V. Brett, and it’s a stunning debut novel. It is based on the graphic novel series of the same name. [February-14-2023] While I won’t go into great detail, suffice to say that I was completely blown away by the writing style and the way the author wrote scenes and characters. I mean, really, how can you write a book this awesome?

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App Name True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 Mod Apk
Publisher ApkBix
Genre Adventure
Size 160M
Latest Version 1.3.16
MOD Features Full Game Unlocked
Developer Google Commerce Ltd
Content Rating PEGI 12 Horror
Requires 5.0 and up
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Updated  January 18, 2023 (1 Day ago)

Investigate the plenty of puzzles to solve

In True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1, we jump right into the story and find a new cast of characters that have come from the ashes of the last human society. Some are part of an underground resistance movement against the merciless regime of the Dread Court. There are also a few members of the regime, who are utilizing mind control and other dark tactics to divide and weaken their opposition. The resistance is led by a woman named Delilah. She has an unusual power – she can command people to do her bidding, even if they’re not really willing to do it.

One of her pawns is Kiyosaki, an American businessman who wants to bring international peace. Delilah thinks she can use him as a double-crosser, turning him against his own country and using his own people against him. He’s already feeling paranoid about her getting closer to the group he’s been working with. When one of Kiyosaki’s associates is killed, he accuses Delilah of being involved in the murder. Delilah is then forced to work with Kiyosaki’s friend Taffy, a member of a similar resistance group.

Things start to get complicated when Delilah finds herself falling in love with Kiyosaki. She tells Kiyosaki about the man she’s now seeing and invites him for a personal visit. Things go bad pretty quickly, however, and both are brutally murdered.


In True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2, author Miguel Lopez de Leon follows up on his first novel with another gripping tale of the supernatural. This time, in the center of Mexico City, a serial killer starts killing women. A local police detective, Paco Pena, arrives on the scene and realizes that this serial killer may have some sort of connection to the other crimes he’s been investigating. The serial killer escapes and turns the spotlight on the police detective.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 was interesting enough, but Lopez delves deeper into this mysterious, intricate character than he has before. He provides a complex, layered character and draws you in tightly to what is happening. Even when dealing with a tough subject like this, it’s easy to lose track of time and drift into a zone of fantasy. But Lopez’s grasp of reality doesn’t let that happen.

Explore several hidden objects

True Fear is very different from most vampires-and werewolves-in-real-life novels. It takes itself a lot more seriously, even if it’s vampire food porn all the way. I don’t think it will appeal as much to Twilight fans as it has to previous works where vampires were traditionally evil creatures. But I can guarantee that those who love vampires and werewolves will enjoy True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1.


Bottom line, this vampire thriller is a fast paced read with great characters. I found myself completely engaged in reading it. The author does an excellent job keeping the story fast-moving. I also liked how Lopez integrated the characters of the book into his own story, making it a unique read in the vampire genre. And, of course, I’m a fan of vampires, so I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy vampires, werewolves, or any combination of the two.

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