whatsapp plus holo Apk (MOD, whatsapp plus holo)

is a new custom mod for WhatsApp messenger that completely changes the complete tone on this Whatsapp plus holo instant messaging app. It is a stunning theme for WhatsApp and is also known as “Holo.”

Built-in options available in Whatsapp plus holo

When you apply the WhatsApp plus holo mod, you will notice quite a different appearance that you can further customize with lots of built-in options available.The first thing to note about WhatsApp plus holo is that it replaces the current Google

play application. You can still use your current Google account to log into your WhatsApp plus account but the Google Play version will be disabled. This does not mean you cannot use the Google play services. They are integrated into WhatsApp plus holo just like every other Google play service.

Google play settings for Whatsapp plus holo apk

If you want to continue to use them, then you can go to the Google play settings and then select Settings, and then add the Google Play applications.

WhatsApp plus version

The WhatsApp plus version includes a widget that allows changing themes from anywhere. You can customize the widget using the google widgets add-on.

 Different themes available

There are several themes available that includes animals, colors, flower, landscape, cars, weather, and etc. These themes are very attractive and definitely make your android device more colorful.

Features of Whatsapp plus holo mod apk

You will find several modifications in the WhatsApp plus holo that allow you to change the settings and the features from anywhere. You can customize your WhatsApp plus experience even more by adding some of your own personal settings.

These are called “stock” settings and they still work very well with the google play version. There are also new themes “junk” and “spare” that allow you to customize the look and the feel of your device.

Themes “junk”

Junk includes random images and animations while spare includes music and video. These two default themes are great if you are looking for a simple way to change your phone.

To use the new themes you must download the free Google+ application and then open it. When you have downloaded and installed the application, then you can begin designing your phone.

The platform of WhatsApp plus apk

WhatsApp plus has been designed especially for android devices and it includes all of the features that are commonly used with a messaging application. It allows you to customize many of the basic functionalities including chat, picture and video sharing, group text, and audio conferencing. With the free Google+ application you can also access your Google account and integrate it into your google+ account. This allows you to share your messages with anyone who has an android device.

WhatsApp plus mod 60 new emojis

The WhatsApp plus version includes over 60 new emojis including cats, fish, hearts, flowers and the new Emo cats are extremely popular with teenage users. The WhatsApp plus holo theme allows you to change the Emo cat’s eye color from green to any other color you would like.

You can change the eye color of all the other emojis as well. This makes the theme very versatile and very popular.

The download of WhatsApp plus holo apk

To use the WhatsApp plus holo mod you simply need to download the free Google+ app, then open it, go into settings and allow changing your Google+ account and click on apply. When you install the Google+ app, open up your google+ profile and then find the “mes” section where you should see an option for “text and images”.

Select this and you will be able to choose which type of Google+ theme you would like to use. You can change the colors of your text and images and even choose from different sizes for your photos. This is by far the easiest and most effective way to customize your Google+ page.


This app is fantastic never miss the chance to download it because that make the people never and spread love among each other

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