World of Demons Apk 1.28 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gems)

World of Demons is gracing the App Store as a unique and dynamic, free-playing, multi-player online game that employs an innovative art style, fast-moving action, and an intriguing storyline. When was the last time that you could say this about a mobile application? There is always some stigma attached to them – however, renowned developer Platinum Games has swooped into the limelight to deliver a polished, refined touch screen experience. World of Demons takes this art to a whole new level, bridging the gap between PC and mobile gaming. What does this mean for gamers?

Adventure game

World of Demons is a hack-and-slash action/adventure game that follows the exploits of an angel hunter named Gabriel. You’ll have to put up with random, hyper-aggressive enemies on your way to saving the world (and ultimately, stopping the darkness).

As in many of the titles from Platinum Games, World of Demons has superb visual animations and effects. The art style is highly reminiscent of retro anime, and the story line is lighthearted and humorous, while still being able to bring out serious moments as well.

Powerful demons

World of Demons takes place in ancient Japan, in the years right before World War II. Japan is under the thumb of the evil Dojima clan, who want to rule the world using powerful demons. Players take control of Gabriel, an American pilot who crash lands in Japan and is seeking out a means to save his homeland. While there.

He comes across three special characters – Shion, Eve, and Jubei – who are in search of their own demons in order to defeat Dojima and restore balance to their world. This is a new exhilarating combat action title that promises lots of twists and turns, just like fans of fan-made Japanese games like Valkyria Chronicles or Samurai 7.

Fight enemies

The story is told through text as you take on missions and fight enemies on your way to Dojima’s fortress. In the game’s setup, you find yourself in the center of a struggle between angels and demons, with only Gabriel standing between the two camps.

You can control Gabriel with a simple click of the mouse, and players can attack the angels by clicking on them, or use a stylized sword to slash through their weak points. There are several alternative fighting strategies in World of Demons that help the player take down powerful foes, including using items on the ground or using a variety of special moves and attacks on other players.

Game marketplace

Another neat feature in World of Demons is the in-game marketplace where players get to buy or sell items. The marketplace has real cash and jewels, along with rare items that are bought and sold through in-game currency obtained through quests.

World of Demons really does deliver on the promise it makes with this exciting online role-playing game. It looks like fans of Japanese fantasy fiction will enjoy this free-will multiplayer samurai game just as much as fans who like the more complex storylines in traditional Japanese fiction will enjoy it.

Implementing excellent

However, World of Demons takes things up a notch by implementing excellent, realistic art styles and an equally strong story to go along with it. World of Demons gives players everything they could ask for in an online role-playing experience, and that includes beautiful, colorful, intricate artwork.

Most of the art in the World of Demons shows off the unique color design of the game’s background, while others draw attention to the unique Japanese folktale symbols that are part and parcel of the game’s story. Unique, detailed backgrounds add to the visual appeal of the game, while bright colors draw attention to the unique art style of the game’s characters and other environments.

Slash action

World of Demons also features hack-and-slash action. You’ll see the hack and slash action done in a first person perspective using a first person shooter point-and-click gameplay system. You’ll also see a great deal of vertical action and adventure during battles.

World of Demons features a unique, hack-and-slash action game that gives you all the excitement of a well-written novel, but doesn’t have any filler story fluff or unimportant side quests. It’s all about the story, which is told in alternating chapters, each featuring a different slice of the colorful japanian mythology. The writing style is light and flows easily, while the animation is vibrant and highly detailed.


In World of Demons, players get to choose from two different starting areas, each featuring a different “borough” of Tokyo. Getting started with World of Demons will set players up in the game’s main hub, Tokyo, where they can start exploring the game’s various boroughs and do a little bit of character development. Newcomers to the series who want to experience something fresh with their hack-and-slash action video game experience will definitely want to start with World of Demons. While it isn’t as amazing visually as Ninja Gaiden, it still is a highly entertaining game, and one that many Wii gamers will thoroughly enjoy regardless of their previous experience with hack-and-slash games. You can find the World of Demons Wii mod here if you want to give it a try.

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