Zero City MOD APK 1.32.1 (Unlimited Money)

Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes, the latest free online mobile survival game, you can also control your bunker also control your citizen folks. For survival you can assign Duties to the people- The Virus Spread all over its time to control all things before it’s too late. Get ready weapons for survival. food must be stored in their shelters for more survival with the battle against hordes of zombies and their master. must take command to save people from zombies during battle.

• Shelter management & base construction simulator

must take action according to Fight with zombies. create your own shelters for safety for the people, create the unique structures of shelter plans by building a variety of defensive structures. the main goal of shelter construction for the safety of citizens.

• Citizens development simulation

Zero city apk Build a shelter

in the meantime, every person counted and everyone will have to do something. Teach new skills to bunkers for survival if zombies attack. the first official open-world MMORPG. Although it is set sometime in an alternative future, it captures the feel of a mythical medieval world. Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes focuses on a group of young survivors who are on their own as far as how to survive. The story starts when the group finds themselves stranded together after being caught in a plane crash and taken to a strange, wild place. They need to get back to their base before the danger comes close.

• Choice of equipment

Zero city apk EQUIP Fighters

In Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes, your survival depends on your knowledge, experience, and equipment. Your journey will start with a simple quest, which will provide you basic information about Zero City and its location. Once you have understood the basics, you can continue with more complex quests involving battles, exploration of the town and Zero City itself, plus lots of equipment and tools that will help you survive.

• PVP and Multiplayer

zero city apk pvp and multi player

Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes includes many features not seen in other MMOs or online games. The overall gameplay is quite different, offering an exciting action coupled with role playing and narrative elements. For example, in Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes, the emphasis is on the narrative, with each player taking on the role of one of five major characters. These characters have unique skills that make them unique from each other and from the zombies they fight alongside. The combat system is reactive and offers some interesting twists to the typical gaming mechanics.

• Story-driven campaign & RPG Simulator

The story revolves around five different characters who are all seeking the same goal and that is to escape from the Zero City. The combat system is reactive and offers some interesting twists to the traditional gaming mechanics. One of these mechanics is called the “Crypto Coins” and it is used throughout the game to unlock doors, crates and items. The concept is simple enough and the implementation is top notch. If you like to see things in visual terms, then the Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes offers just what you’re looking for in an action game simulator or a simulation game where your goal is to kill every enemy and be rewarded with bonus content as a result.

Control The Survivors

In Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes, the main playable character is named survived, a survivor of the zombie attack. Zombie apathy has enveloped the world and is so prevalent that even the survivors are starting to turn away from their purpose. This is where your role in Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes comes in, as you must try and find a way to survive. One of the main components of Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes: The Zombie Apocalyptic Event is its story, as it is presented through text logs and quest lines. Other than this very basic storyline, the Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes also comes with two multiplayer modes, which are designed with the aim of providing players with a chance to either learn more about Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes and survive the zombies or to score more points and be able to find rare items within the game.


Unlike other zombie games, Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes: The Zombie Apocalyptic Event pushes the boundaries of the simulation by simulating the various conditions that are likely to arise when a community has been faced with a zombie attack. Different zombies will attack at different times of the day and night, meaning that you’ll need to stay one step ahead of them if you want to make sure that you’re the last man standing. You can use a variety of tools to help you stay safe, including using different buildings to create barricades or fortresses, creating food sources, or even building up the Zero City Police Station. Zombies in Zero City: Chronicles of Lepes can also be killed using a variety of weapons, including guns, knives, blades, explosives, and more, which make the game a bit more challenging and it means that you will need to think about how you can kill off all the zombies before they wipe out your settlement and take over your city once and for all.

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